Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching (available internationally in English, German and other languages). Certified Courses in Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching

Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching

WELCOME TO THE HOLISTIC BABY AND CHILD SLEEP ASSOCIATION, the non-Profit association for holistic baby and child sleep coaching


There can be a lot of uncertainty among parents when it comes to baby and child sleep. Confusing advice is often given by family and friends, as well as by professionals; additionally, there's often a lack of factual knowledge around baby sleep and what children need to be able to relax and fall asleep. Parents often have many questions, like:

  • Does my baby need to learn to sleep? Do I have to teach my child to sleep? If so, how?
  • Why doesn't my child sleep though the night? What can I do to help my child sleep through?
  • Have I taught my child bad sleeping habits?
  • Is it better for my child to sleep alone or with us / the parents?
  • At what age should a baby be able to fall asleep alone?
  • Is frequent breastfeeding at night normal or does my child have a sleep disorder?
  • What should I do if my baby cries while falling asleep?

These and many other questions can be answered, explained and explored holistically during a Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching Session.

A Sleep coaching session for your baby or child that's based on the principles of our association is holistic and respects bonding and attachment, as well as the developmental stage of your child.


This means that we take feelings very seriously and your child is never left alone or left to cry it out.

We reject sleep training because we believe it has a negative impact on child development. If sleep training has already been carried out, we can show you how your child can re-establish a positive connection with sleep.


How can I access Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching, where can I find the right Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coach for me?

You can find all the Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaches who've completed our course and work according to the philosophy and values of our association here:

Parents who've already received Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching from one of our coaches will be supported in the longer term through various offers for parents. Our focus is on personal, long-term support. This is provided by offering various parent-child groups, connecting mothers with services in their area and through personal contact where each sleep situation can be individually adapted.


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