Our work involves...

  • providing a platform for certified sleep coaches to network.
  • a shared philosophy and core principals, which are developed and practised by all our sleep coaches.
  • providing regular advanced courses on sleep research, especially child sleep and other related topics.
  • regular regional professional gatherings.
  • sharing access to a variety of documents that are helpful for coaching.
  • presenting our work at trade fairs, congresses, events, etc.
  • certifying sleep coaches who have successfully completed our course, including the practical component.
  • shared marketing and advertising.
  • an online group with ongoing peer support.

Our goals are:

  • to provide guidance and supervision for our sleep coaches listed here,
  • to ensure the quality of our sleep coaching services,
  • to provide professional information and support to our members,
  • to enable sleep coaches to connect with and support each other,
  • to live and work collaboratively based on the philosophy of the association,
  • to ensure that financially disadvantaged families can also benefit from our sleep coaching.