Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaching - more about our approach, about baby sleep and the way we work

Sleep Coaching - our approach is long established

Our approach is long established.

For over 200,000 years, nature has provided families with a highly successful approach to getting enough restful sleep.


We provide various options for family sleep arrangements through observing scientific research from conventional medicine, psychology, anthropology and evolutionary biology, together with the observation of our own babies and children.


Baby Sleep

Babies and young children sleep differently from adults. Our sleep coaches are happy to explain how and why during a sleep coaching session. We inform parents holistically and answer questions like:

  • What helps achieve good quality sleep and what's more likely to be disruptive?
  • What's normal and what could be a sleep disorder?
  • What expectations of a child's sleep are appropriate based on their developmental stage?
  • What influence does breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping or separate sleeping have on falling asleep and staying asleep?
  • What are the current safety recommendations?
  • When can/should a child sleep in their own bed or bedroom? How can sleeping alone be initiated and practised?

How we work.

Trusting in the families we coach is at the core of our approach. Our sleep coaching sessions are given by experienced parents (in person, by phone or online). In the process, a sleep coach records all the important influences on the family's sleep. After identifying the child's sleep development and maturity, the parents are presented with different ways in which they could make their nights easier and more comfortable. No strict advice is given, instead information is passed on to provide a basis decisions. The family then finds the best path for themselves and we respect and honour each family's decisions.

A one-time sleep coaching session is usually all that's needed to help a family. The session lasts around 40-90 minutes. The rates charged by sleep coaches vary, in Europe they are between €60 and €100 per hour.

Sleep coaches from the Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Association receive ongoing further education, recertify regularly, and are networked with experts from many different fields. Our coaches are located in English-speaking and German-speaking countries as well as internationally.